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SundayApril 134:00pmHeritage Parkvs. SpartansW, 8-3WP: Dave Simms (1-0)
Saturday421137:30pmHeritage Park@ RavensW, 11-4WP: Andy Pucher (1-0)
Tuesday421167:30pmHeritage Park@ EliteW, 9-7WP: Billy Rasch (1-0)
SV: Dave Simms (1)
Sunday421211:30pmLake Park West H.S@ ScorpionsW, 14-2WP: Brett Erlenbach (1-0)
Sunday4212812:30pmLake Park West HS@ Aurora MarlinsW, 13-2WP: Dave Simms (2-0)
Sunday4214212:30pmWing Parkvs. CubsT, 8-8N/A
Saturday421554:00pmHeritage Parkvs. ScorpionsW, 23-0WP: Billy Rasch (2-0)
Sunday421639:00amNiles North H.Svs. EliteW, 10-6WP: Karl Lundholm (1-0)
Sunday421703:30pmHeritage Park@ DemonsL, 11-15LP: Andy Pucher (1-1)
Sunday421707:00pmHeritage Park@ Blue JaysW, 3-2WP: Brett Erlenbach (2-0)
SV: Marc Maybaum (1)
Sunday421849:00amLake Park West H.S.@ MarlinsL, 5-7LP: Andy Pucher (1-2)
Sunday421919:00amLake Park West H.S.vs. MarlinsW, 7-5WP: Brett Erlenbach (3-0)
Sunday4219810:00amWing Parkvs. RedhawksL, 7-5LP: Billy Rasch (2-1)
Sunday421981:30pmWing Park@ RedhawksW, 11-5WP: Andy Pucher (2-2)
Sunday4220512:30pmNiles North H.S.vs. DevilsW, 8-3WP: Dave Simms (3-0)
Sunday422054:00pmNiles North H.S.@ DevilsW, 16-5WP: Karl Lundholm (2-0)
Sunday422124:45pmGrosche Field@ DemonsW, 11-10WP: Dave Simms (4-0)
SV: Marc Maybaum (2)
Sunday422194:00pmHeritage Park@ RavensW, 8-3WP: Andy Pucher (3-2)
Saturday422254:00pmHeritage Parkvs. OriolesW, 11-6WP: Brett Erlenbach (4-0)
SV: Marc Maybaum (3)
Saturday422257:30pmHeritage Park@ OriolesW, 15-2WP: Billy Rasch (3-1)
Sunday422331:30pmLake Park Westvs. Aurora MarlinsL, 2-15LP: Dave Simms (4-1)
Saturday422394:00pmLake Park West@ SpartansNot played
2014 Semifinal Series
Sunday422610.41666666666666669Lake Park West H.S.vs. DemonsL, 5-11LP: Dave Simms (0-1)
Sunday422610.5625Lake Park West H.S.@ DemonsW, 6-3WP: Karl Lundholm (1-0)
Saturday422670.375Heritage Parkvs. DemonsW, 3-0WP: Karl Lundholm (2-0)
2014 Championship Series
Friday422730.8125Schaumburg Stadiumvs. Blue JaysW, 11-10WP: Dave Simms (1-1)
Sunday422750.41666666666666669Schaumburg Stadium@ Blue JaysW, 11-3WP: Brett Erlenbach (1-0)